Surveying, modelling & analysis

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Get in Situ started in 2014, resulting from a collaborative effort between archeologists and geomatic engineers. Our team aims at sharing expertise in science-driven geomatics and creating three-dimensional (3D) digital content, through 3D animations, virtual reality applications and augmented reality applications, that are designed upon customer specifications.

Imaging and 3D acquisition

Get in Situ adapts existing levelling solutions and three-dimensional digital numerisation techniques scale-wise and to customer specifications. Using high-fidelity photogrammetrics and/or laser techniques, we can render small objects shapes and textures up to whole topographical contexts of a valley or mountain slopes. We carry out topographical projects, two-dimensional terrain representation, LiDAR acquisition, aerial and terrestrial photography, drone imaging, three-dimensional object imaging.
Map rendering
Drone imaging
Three-dimensional acquisition
Three-dimensional object scanning

Three-dimensional animation

Enhancing three-dimensional models through communication vectors as animated films enables the sharing of three-dimensional data that are usually restricted to specialists owning dedicated software suites. Animated films integrating real world three-dimensional elements, are truly efficient communication tools for strengthening the spatial component of a study and its context or for enlightening three-dimensional objects

Virtual reality

Virtual visit using an integrated 3D navigation tool. Three-dimensional information sharing, development of userfriendly tools thanks to 3D support and interaction with 3D object database and userspecified functionals.

Partners & references

Get in Situ most of the time takes part to long-term project as long as partnerships.